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Vol.  10  No. 7 July 2008  Page 1
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A Word Between Friends

Tim Childs

By Tim Childs

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Page One

Tribute to
Mark McWhorter

Mark McWhorter

    Mark McWhorter and his wife, Teah, married in 1977. To this union were born five daughters and one son; Mark and Teah have two grandsons.

   Brother and sister McWhorter have homeschooled all of their children, and they were original Board members of Roundhouse, an annual encampment for members of the church who homeschool. In addition, they were administrators for eight years for an Alabama cover school for homeschoolers. Through Chula Vista Books, Mark and Teah not only sell religious books and related materials, but they sell homeschool materials, too. Mark also buys and resells preachers’ libraries.

    Member of Ashville (Alabama) Church of Christ, Mark has made numerous mission trips overseas, including to Australia, Ukraine, Belize and England. Qualified by his

Table of Contents

Tribute to Mark McWhorter By Louis Rushmore 1
As God Hath Prospered Him
By Rodney Nulph 2
Hidden of God
By Mark McWhorter 3
A Centurion and His Slave By Mark McWhorter 3
A Servant Is Not Above His Lord
By Mark McWhorter 4
Assemble Yourselves By Mark McWhorter 4
Beatitude Bookends By  Mark McWhorter 5
Book of Remembrance By Mark McWhorter 5
The Consolation
By Mark McWhorter 6
Despise Him, Be Despised By Mark McWhorter 6
Every Vision Faileth By Mark McWhorter 7
The Forgotten Wedding Dress By Mark McWhorter 7
When the Righteous Falter By Marilyn LaStrape 8
Choked by Thorne By Mark McWhorter 9
Clear Before the Army By Mark McWhorter 9
Greater than Jonah By Mark McWhorter 10
Greater than Solomon By Mark McWhorter 10
The Desolate Vineyard Booth By Mark McWhorter 11
Dig Deep By Mark McWhorter 11
Hands Full of Blood By Mark McWhorter 12
Hemlock in the Furrows By Mark McWhorter 12
Bible Prayers Crossword Puzzle By Bonnie Rushmore 13
Gathering the Outcasts By Mark McWhorter 14
Go in the Gap By Mark McWhorter 14
The Christian and the Church By Julene Nulph 15
The Basket in the Collection Tray By Sylvia Petty 16
God's Tattoo By Mark McWhorter 17
God's Bare Holy Arm By Mark McWhorter 17
The Golden Candlestick By Mark McWhorter 18
Hardheaded By Mark McWhorter 18
News & Advertisements 19
How Can a Polygamist Become a Christian?
     By Louis Rushmore 20
Hebrew Calendar and Sacred Names By Louis Rushmore 20
Contributors to the Growth of Christianity By Louis Rushmore 20

Louis Rushmore, Editor
Rodney Nulph, Associate Editor
Paul Mobley, proofreader

A Moment of Reflection By Ernest S. Underwood
A Word Between Friends
(MP3) By Tim Childs
Crossword Puzzle
By Bonnie Rushmore
Priscilla's Page By Marilyn LaStrape
Since You Asked
By Louis Rushmore
Wisdom's Corner
(Youth Page) By Mark McWhorter

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education and professional experience, brother McWhorter includes among his foreign efforts presentations on Biblical Medical Ethics; he has worked as a Nurse Clinician in Open Heart Surgery Recovery at the University of Alabama in Birmingham for 29 years. In that position he overseas the direct post-operative clinical intensive care of congenital, adult, artificial circulatory device implant, and heart/lung transplantation patients.

    Brother McWhorter has written for several brotherhood publications and lectureship books over the years. He has written Wisdom’s Corner, a weekly Internet column for children, for 13 years; for several years, he has graciously allowed Gospel Gazette Online to include two of those columns monthly in its pages; each of these columns that has appeared in GGO remain available in the Archive, which can be searched with an onsite search engine. This issue of GGO is primarily populated with articles from brother Mark McWhorter as a tribute to his dedication and continuing service as an effective tool in the hands of Almighty God. Thank you, Mark (and Teah) for all you have done, and continue to do for the cause of Christ.

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