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 Vol. 9, No. 2 

February 2007

~ Page 3 ~

Biblical Morality
Proves the Existence of God

By D. Gene West

Image Today, we wish to look at proof for the existence of Yahweh as God of our universe, which also proves the divine origin of that book we call the Bible. That evidence is the standard of morality found within the holy Word of God. Nowhere else in the entire world does one find the high standard of morality that is set forth in the Bible. No other so-called Scripture demands of man the high standard of intellectual, emotional and physical morality that the Bible does. Man, on his own, could not have written a book with such a standard of morality, because it is far above what most men are able to attain, or even desire to attain. Man, on his own, would not have written a book with such high standards of morality because he does not like that which makes him feel guilty and demands that he repent and change his lifestyle for that of a higher and purer way of living. This within itself proves that the Bible is no mere human product and that it came from a much higher Source than the mind and mores of man.

Let us look at an example or two that will illustrate that of which we speak. Let us look at the matter of murder. While the Bible plainly admits there are different kinds of murder depending on the intent of the person who takes the life of another, nowhere does it ever justify such activity. In the Old Testament, even in the case of one man killing another by accident, there was some restitution to be made. Furthermore, in the case of one deliberately, wantonly and with premeditation murdering another person, the Bible demands that the most stringent penalties that can be exacted by man, which is the execution of the murderer because the person whom he murdered was made in the image of God.

Again, let us look at the sin of adultery, which, by the way, is a crime in WV punishable by several months in prison. However, we have never heard of a prosecutor who ever even attempted to prosecute the crime of adultery. Adultery is a way of life for some people. They will move from one man or woman to the other with no thought of the damage being done to oneself, his family and his relationship with a spouse. This kind of behavior is even accepted, perhaps even expected, by many in today's society. What person would have written a book, a portion of which has "Ten Commandments," one of which is, "You shall not commit adultery." No mere man would have written that because we are so prone to that kind of sin.

This same kind of idea can be applied to lying, stealing, making false statements under oath, pedophilia, and a thousand and one other things. Why was the upper level of management of Enron prosecuted for stealing millions upon millions of dollars from their stockholders and ultimately bankrupting their company? Was it because some prosecutor somewhere did not like these people personally? Why should he even care if he owned no stock in the company, if there is not a higher power to whom all are accountable? What makes taking something that does not belong to one "stealing" in the first place. It is stealing because the same God in the same Book said, "You shall not steal." Not only is stealing forbidden, but even coveting what another has is forbidden by our pure and perfect Yahweh and his perfect and inspired Word.

You see, pagans, in pagan societies with their pagan scriptures, find none of these things either repulsive or reprehensible. They have even worshipped their gods by committing the sin of fornication. Their scriptures do not deal with sin, but with such subjects as how to commit various sins, including adultery, most enjoyably! The gods and scriptures of the pagans were created and written by man and reflect his morality, even to the sacrificing little innocent babies as offerings to their gods. God exists and his Word invites us to come up to a higher plain and live like him, not like the animals of the earth.Image

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