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 Vol. 9, No. 2 

February 2007

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Louis Rushmore, Editor
Production Staff
Paul Mobley, proofreader
Children's Puzzles by Bonnie Rushmore
Priscilla's Page by Marilyn LaStrape
Youth Page by Mark McWhorter
Since You Asked by Louis Rushmore

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In This Issue

Editorial by Louis Rushmore
Proof That God Exists!

Page 2

Biblical Morality Proves the Existence of God 
     by  D. Gene West

Page 3

The Beginning of Creation by T. Pierce Brown

Page 4

Morality Alone Cannot and Will Not Save! 
     by Raymond Elliott

Page 5

Youth Page by Mark McWhorter
Weaving Spider Webs

Page 6

Hatching Cockatrice Eggs

Page 6

Children's Activities by Bonnie Rushmore
Tower of Babel Crossword Puzzle

Page  7

Priscilla's Page column by Marilyn LaStrape
Head Just Like a Flint Rock!

Page 8

Jesus, Keep Me from Drifting by Tim Childs

Page 9

The God Who Sees by Robert Johnson

Page 10

Sufficient Unto the Day by E. Dean Kelly

Page 11

It Was Either Jump or Fry  by Mike Benson

Page 12

The Reigning King by Hugo McCord

Page 13

Jesus and the Priesthood by Hugo McCord

Page 14

The Crimes of Covetousness by Dennis Gulledge

Page 15

Morality Without God by  D. Gene West

Page 16

Biased Assertions About God by D. Gene West

Page 17

Preaching by Paul R. Mobley, Sr.

Page 18

News, Events, Advertising

Page 19

Since You Asked by Louis Rushmore
The State of the Dead

Page 20

Give Strong Drink

Page 20

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