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Vol.  9  No. 8 August 2007  Page 1
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Gospel Gazette Online Merges with World Evangelism Program

By Louis Rushmore

    J.C. and Betty Choate invited Louis and Bonnie Rushmore to become team members with them in the longstanding program of World Evangelism. Hence, the Choates and Rushmores have combined their ministries, and Gospel Gazette Online is now a part of World Evangelism, which also includes the long running quarterly Gospel magazine, Voice of Truth International, as well as the missionary news magazine, Global Harvest. In addition, the 200 book titles published by the Choates will be augmented by the 20+ titles published by the Rushmores.

    World Evangelism also supports 13 weekly radio and 13 weekly TV programs abroad, and it works heavily with several overseas schools of preaching. Many hundreds of responses arrive DAILY per broadcast area and about 2,000 souls obey the Gospel annually per broadcast area.

Table of Contents

Gospel Gazette Merges with World Evangelism 1
It Is Written!
By Louis Rushmore 2
If You Had Known
By D. Gene West 3
The Far Side of the Desert By T. Pierce Brown 4
Contemporary, Informal Praise Service? By Ernest Underwood 4
I Can See Much Clearer Now By Raymond Elliott 5
Eat What You Are Given By Mark McWhorter 6
Bars of a Castle By Mark McWhorter 6
Weepers in the Bible Crossword Puzzle By Bonnie Rushmore 7
Spiritual Myopia By Marilyn LaStrape 8
Are We Under Divine Law Today? By Louis Rushmore 9
Funny Name Bible Geography By Louis Rushmore 10
Open Door By Louis Rushmore 11
Separating Christianity and Judaism By D. Gene West 12
Dorcas: Sewing Good Works By Bonnie Rushmore 13
The Antidote for Anxiety By Rodney Nulph 14
What Kind of Dwelling Are You for God? By Tim Childs 15
Are You Scared? By Mike Benson 16
Not As I Will, But As You Will By Robert Johnson 17
Examine Yourselves...#2 By Ernest Underwood 18
News & Advertisements 19
1 Tim. 5:16 Compared with 2 Cor. 9:13 By Louis Rushmore 20
Sanguine Husband and a Choleric Wife By Louis Rushmore 20
African Place in Biblical History By Louis Rushmore 20
When Did the Jewish Nation Begin? By Louis Rushmore 20

Louis Rushmore, Editor
Paul Mobley, proofreader
Crossword Puzzle By Bonnie Rushmore
Priscilla's Page By Marilyn LaStrape
Youth Page By Mark McWhorter
Since You Asked By Louis Rushmore

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    Bonnie and Louis Rushmore are raising both lump sum and monthly funds now to permit them to move to the base of operations for World Evangelism in Winona, Mississippi. Please help them in this good work (Titus 2:14) by sending checks to Louis Rushmore, RR 3 Box 28, Cameron, WV 26033 or for the Rushmores at Elders, Cameron Church of Christ, 2 Church Street, Cameron, WV 26033. Gifts may also be made by clicking on the "Donate" button on this or other pages within Gospel Gazette Online.
    Read a summary of the new work of the Rushmores in a letter by J.C. and Betty Choate, or view an online PowerPoint presentation about the work. One can also acquaint himself more fully with the work of World Evangelism at that homepage.
    For more information, email Louis Rushmore or call toll free (U.S. only) at 888.725.7883.
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