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 Vol. 8, No. 11 

November 2006

~ Page 15 ~

Myth: The Church of Christ
Doesn't Believe in Miracles

By Michael S. Hatley

The truth of the matter is that the church of Christ is the only church that has ever been able to perform miracles. We definitely do believe in God's power to perform any feat he chooses that is so far beyond man's abilities, that it is undeniably a miracle.

Some who accuse us of not believing in miracles are still trying to speak in tongues and perform miraculous healings today. A sincere look at the miracles recorded in the Bible reveals a characteristic that is absent with these modern day "miracles."

A true miracle is undeniable. When the horrible lesions of leprosy are instantly replaced by skin as soft and fresh as a little child's (2 Kings 5:14), no one can honestly deny that a miracle has occurred. If you know someone who from birth has been lame, lying down in public places, begging in order to survive and is suddenly able to walk and leap (Acts 3:2-8), you can not honestly deny that a miracle has occurred. But I can easily and honestly deny that anything miraculous has happened when I see modern day events that some claim to be miracles. In fact, most anyone who doesn't want to believe in such events will have no trouble dismissing them as fake. That is not the case with the miracles we read of in God's Word. Even the men who wanted Jesus dead, believed his miracles were genuine (John 11:47-53), not because they wanted to believe, but because his miracles were undeniable.

If you are capable of performing miracles today, take that ability out into the streets among those of us who have no desire to believe. It is there that your so called miracles would be put to the test. As long as your "miracles" are performed only around others who want to believe in them, you will have no trouble continuing your self deception, because you and your fellow "miracle" workers will feed off one another's zealous, emotion-filled desire for miracles to be a reality today.

If there are recipients of miraculous works today, where are they? Why do I not know a single person who has ever been miraculously healed of a disease? Why, of all the people I've known who died, is there not a single one who was brought back to life? Why can no American missionaries speak Japanese, Russian, Arabic or Navajo without ever having studied these tongues?

Because "when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away" (1 Corinthians 13:8-10). That which is perfect is the complete, inspired, written Word of God. That which is in part is miraculous gifts. Why were miracles a part of God's plan prior to man receiving the New Testament? Because the Jews, relying only on their understanding of the Old Testament, were expecting the Christ to set up an earthly kingdom. Jesus, preaching a spiritual message, not an earthly message, would probably have been dismissed as just a kook, had he not been able to perform miraculous signs and wonders. Miracles were used by God in the first century to confirm the message preached by Jesus, the apostles and other Christians. Today, we have that which is perfect, the Bible. Therefore, the world no longer needs miracles.

The church of Christ does believe in miracles. We believe every account of them in God's inspired Word. We also see from God's Word that miracles are no longer a part of God's plan for man, and haven't been for 1,900 years.Image

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