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 Vol. 8, No. 12 

December 2006

~ Page 4 ~

Image What Saves Us?

By Dennis Gulledge

Salvation! That wonderful word of comfort, hope and eternal life! Most people think of salvation in terms on one single source: "faith only," "grace only," "Christ only" or "works only." The reasonable Bible student knows that salvation is not from any single source alone. He does not accept a few selected verses or ideas and attempt to build a religious system of salvation upon them. Some will single out passages on faith and preach a "faith only" salvation. Some will single out passages on grace and preach a "grace only" salvation. Some will single out passages on works and preach a "works only" salvation. What saves us?

How Are We Saved?

God (the Father) is the ultimate source of salvation
Jesus Christ is the actual sacrifice of salvation
The Holy Spirit is the revealing agent of salvation
The Gospel is the system of salvation
Divine grace is the act of God's sovereignty in salvation
Faith is the proper human response to God's grace in salvation
Obedience is the demonstration of our faith in salvation
Baptism is a particular act necessary to salvation
Our compliance is our part in salvationImage

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