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 Vol. 3, No. 2                                        Page 1                                        February, 2001  

Louis rushmore

Production Staff
Bonnie Rushmore, office manager
Rebecca Rushmore, proofreader

Beverage Alcohol by Louis Rushmore
Biblical This & That  by D. Gene West
External Evidences by David P. Everson
Message Divine by Allen Webster
Messianic Prophecies by D. Gene West
Parables of Our Lord by Louis Rushmore
Preacher Funnies by various authors
Priscilla's Page by various authors
Recycled by various authors
The Sacred Page by Dennis Gulledge
Youth Page by Mark McWhorter
Since You Asked by Louis Rushmore
Whole Counsel of God by Basil Overton

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In This Issue

Parables of Our Lord  by Louis Rushmore
     The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

Page 2

Message Divine  by Allen Webster
     Death Hurts, But Jesus Helps

Page 3

Editorials  by Louis Rushmore
     The Menacing Internet

Page 4

     Deliverance from Bondage

Page 4

External Evidences  by David P. Everson
     Instant Fish

Page 5

Youth Page  by Mark McWhorter
     The New Harvest

Page 6

     Though the Earth Be Removed

Page 6

Messianic Prophecies  by D. Gene West
      The Last Adam

Page 7

Preacher Funnies
     Adventures of Frank Higginbotham

Page 8

The Sacred Page by Dennis Gulledge
     When Things Go Wrong

Page 9

     The Christian Man as Leader and Provider

Page 9

Biblical This & That  by D. Gene West
     Confessing With Our Lives

Page 10

Beverage Alcohol  by Louis Rushmore
     Under the Influence

Page 11

     Modern Versions: Translating
                or Editing? by F. Furman Kearley

Page 12

      Charismatic Claims by Flavil R. Yeakley, Jr.

Page 13

      Polystrate Fossils by Bert Thompson

Page 14

      Is Reincarnation the Truth? by Marvin Rickett

Page 15

Priscilla's Page
       TEKEL by Judy Corns

Page 16

Whole Counsel of God by Basil Overton
      Old Testament Prophecies Pointing to Pentecost

Page 17

      When I Was Absent from Worship by J.A. McNutt

Page 18

      Evangelism by Robin Haley

Page 18

News, Upcoming Events, Advertising

Page 19

Since You Asked  by Louis Rushmore
     Pre-Baptism Questions

Page 20

Copyright 2001 Louis Rushmore. All Rights Reserved.
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