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Vol. 2, No. 7 Page 14 July 2000

Gospel Gazette, Bible Articles

He Could Have Seen God!

By Basil Overton

Major Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin of the Russian Air Force was the first human to travel in space. This first human space trip was made April 12, 1961. It was a one hour and 48 minute trip from take-off to landing. Major Gagarin was in orbit around the earth for one hour and 29.1 minutes. During this orbiting, he traveled at the speed of 17,000 miles per hour.

It was reported that when Major Gagarin had landed and got out of his spaceship Vostok I, he said he did not see God on his trip. This was interpreted as a denial of God’s existence.

My reaction to Major Gagarin’s statement was that he could have seen God had he opened a window or hatch on Vostok I! Had he done this and lost the oxygen in the spaceship he would have soon died and would have been in the presence of God!

Probably Major Gagarin saw God thirteen years ago. He was killed in a plane crash March 27, 1968!

God Put The Earth In Orbit!

A human’s referring to God in a light and frivolous manner, or a human’s defying the Almighty, and leaving the impression he does not believe God exists, are horrendous, horrifying, and contemptible acts, especially if he has just orbited the earth in space at 17,000 miles per hour. One is able to travel in space around the earth because of the orderliness of the way the Almighty God operates the universe he created. Man’s orbiting the earth in space is indeed a great human accomplishment, but man could not do that were it not for God’s work. There would be no man to orbit the earth had God not created man in his own image. There would be no earth to orbit, and no moon for man to travel to if God had not, through Jesus Christ, created the heavens, the earth, the sea and all that is in them (Exodus 20:11; Hebrews 1:2, 10).

Believe In What We Do Not See

It has been reported that many years ago an atheist who was a professor chided some students on a street in Cookeville, Tennessee. He said, “If God exists, let me see him.” This was his way of saying that he did not believe in something he could not see.

Allegedly, an old farmer in overalls listened as the atheist talked to the students. Finally, the farmer said, “Professor, do you have a mind?” The Professor replied, “Of course.” The farmer said, “Let me see it.”

The fact that we cannot see human minds does not prove human minds do not exist! Even atheists believe things exist which humans cannot see.

Atheists have challenged theists (those who believe God exists) to draw a picture of God. No human can draw a picture of God, but neither can anyone draw a picture of consciousness! No one can draw a picture of an idea! No one can draw a picture of human memory! No one can draw a picture of life! No one can draw a picture of electricity!

We have never seen life, and we have not seen air which is one of the main sustainers of life. We see the evidence of life and manifestations of life. As I write this, I see my hand and pen moving. These movements are manifestations of life which I cannot see.

We cannot see love; we can see manifestations of love! We cannot see hate; unfortunately, we see many manifestations of hate. We cannot see God, but we see multitudes of manifestations or evidences that he exists.

Man Did Not Think Up God!

Evolutionary doctrine says that nature is everything, and that nature produced man, and that man in a state of savagery thought up the concept of an eternal spirit called God. The highest thought the human mind can have is thought about the eternal God as he presents himself in his Word, the Bible. The concept of this Almighty Being did not originate in the mind of man when man was in a state of savagery or any other state. Reason forces us to believe that God had to reveal himself to man for man to know about this great Being called God.

There is no evidence that man was on the earth a long time without the knowledge of God. There is no record of any announcement of man’s monumental discovery of God through human reasoning, or through science, or logic, or research. Even if the Bible did not exist, we would know from historical evidence that man from his earliest existence has been a physically upright and intelligent being, and that in his very earliest existence he had the knowledge of God’s existence!

Obviously, God revealed himself to man whom he created. Man in his earliest existence knew God. Later, people were prone to try to rid their minds of God, as Paul stated in Romans Chapter One. There is abundant historical evidence of the truthfulness of what Paul wrote in Romans One about people who refused to have God in their knowledge. They became so vile and corrupt, God gave them up.

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