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 Vol. 2, No. 12                                        Page 1                                                December, 2000
Louis rushmore

Production Staff
Bonnie Rushmore, office manager
Rebecca Rushmore, proofreader

Beverage Alcohol by Louis Rushmore
Biblical This & That  by D. Gene West
External Evidences by David P. Everson
Message Divine by Allen Webster
Messianic Prophecies by D. Gene West
Parables of Our Lord by Louis Rushmore
Preacher Funnies by various authors
Priscilla's Page by various authors
Recycled by various authors
The Sacred Page by Dennis Guledge
Youth Page by Mark McWhorter
Since You Asked by Louis Rushmore
Whole Counsel of God by Basil Overton

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Gospel Gazette Online recently suffered a catastrophic computer mishap at its office! Consequently, the December issue is late and gigabytes of important data were lost, some if it irrecoverably. Among the losses was the subscription list to Gospel Gazette Online. All subscribers and others desiring a free subscription please subscribe above. While a subscription is not necessary to view GGO monthly, subscription requests help us gauge readership and afford subscribers a friendly reminder each month when each new issue is ready for viewing. All past issues survived our little disaster and may be accessed through the "Archives" selection in the masthead at the top of this page.

In This Issue

Parables of Our Lord  by Louis Rushmore
     The Parable of the Ten Virgins

Page 2

Message Divine  by Allen Webster
     Somebody's Lying to the Old People

Page 3

Editorial  by Louis Rushmore
     Straight Talk About Hard Things:
     Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

Page 4

External Evidences  by David P. Everson
     And God Created A Day

Page 5

Youth Page  by Mark McWhorter
     Do Not "Get Axed"

Page 6

     Do Not Let Others Pack Up Your Soul

Page 6

Messianic Prophecies  by D. Gene West
     The Prophecy of the Davidic King

Page 7

Preacher Funnies
     Adventures of Buck Groves

Page 8

The Sacred Page by Dennis Gulledge
     The Speaking Dead

Page 9

     Is There Life in Outer Space?

Page 9

Biblical This & That  by D. Gene West
     Companion to All Who Fear You

Page 10

Beverage Alcohol  by Louis Rushmore
     Social Drinking

Page 11

     It Is Now Legal to... by Robert Rushmore

Page 12

     The Power of the Gospel by Mike Benson

Page 13

     Children, How Many? by Owen D. Olbricht

Page 14

     Working Together by Eddie Cooper

Page 15

Priscilla's Page
      In the Beginning by Judy Corns

Page 16

Whole Counsel of God by Basil Overton
      The Cambrian Explosion of Fossils

Page 17

     Beware! You May Be Backsliding

Page 18

News, Upcoming Events, Advertising

Page 19

Since You Asked  by Louis Rushmore
     No Right to Be Married. Now What?

Page 20

     How Do I Prepare for Death?

Page 20

     Must an Elder Have Children in the Home?

Page 20

     Small Groups in the Assembly

Page 20

     Recognition in Heaven?

Page 20

     Public Funding for the Church's Work

Page 20

Copyright 2000 Louis Rushmore. All Rights Reserved.
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