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 Vol. 2, No. 8                                        Page 14                                                August, 2000

Spiritual Self-Examination

By Eddie Cooper

My first good paying job ($1.00 per hour) was for Thorne's Super Market. The store was part of a chain of stores owned by Harry Thorne of Parkersburg, West Virginia. I began as a stockboy, putting the stock from the "backroom" onto the shelves. Then, I gradually worked my way "up" to sacker and then to cashier. During the interim, I did everything from being produce manager to cutting meat in the meat department (All for $1.00 per hour -- no increase.)

In those days, as it is today, it was not uncommon to have those with whom I worked to complain about working conditions. They had even given some thought to forming a union. But, it was always a period of examination to determine whether this was where I wanted to be in my life.

During the last part of December and sometimes into the first part of January, we had to take inventory of all the stock, large as well as small items. Have you ever tried to count "small" items? It is time consuming, but I learned a great lesson in all of this. Regardless of the circumstances in life, we must take time out to examine it or, to say it another way, to take inventory or stock of ourselves.

The most difficult thing for most of us to do in this life is to see ourselves as we really are. We like to kid ourselves about our condition: "My hair is not really that gray" or "those clothes just make me look heavy." In the spiritual realm, we tend to follow the same pattern, convincing ourselves that we are not really as bad as we seem to be.

We must remember that when we study our Bibles, it:

In taking an inventory each year at the grocery store, the owner could determine his losses and gains. We, too, by examining our lives by the Word of God, can determine our losses and gains. Our prayer is that you will do all to follow the law of God that heaven will be your home. Let us all be courageous enough to do the right!

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