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Vol. 1, No. 6 Page 10 June 1999

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One Sack of Food

By Judy Corns

"When Jesus heard [about the beheading of John the Baptist] he departed thence by ship into a desert place apart" (Matthew 14:13). Surely Jesus was saddened and needed a time to pray--John was his fore-runner and his relative! The foe was coming closer. 'Herod had heard of the fame of Jesus.' But just now 'the people had heard him and they followed him on foot.'

"Even so, Jesus went out to meet the multitude, and was moved with passion" and went about healing the sick. They stayed until evening, longing to hear and see more of this Jesus. His disciples approached him saying, "This is a desert place (v. 13) . . . send them away . . . to buy themselves victuals" (Matthew 14:15).

Now Jesus had been made sorrowful. Going to the Father to refresh himself, he moved on. May I quote him? "They need not depart, give ye them to eat" (Matthew 14:16). These people were now physically hungry! As for the soul, Jesus taught much in spiritual nourishment, yet he never neglected the physical needs of the crowd gathered around him.

One sack of food, offered with a smile and a concern in the voice, does make a difference to the oft disappointed, abandoned and many times lonely human soul who timidly inquires for just one sack of food. Can we take time out of our day, our circumstances, perhaps even our sorrows and move into another mode, that of action? Placing our burdens at the feet of the Father, we then will be able to do as Jesus so willingly did! First he was saddened, then he prayed. He then cared for the spiritual needs of the people. His example of compassion, if there is a need--give ye them to eat. The crowd was drawn to him long before the food was served!

We too must go, being filled with that same compassion and having the courage to lay aside our own petty problems of the day, search and find the needy. Sometimes it is just only being there at the right time and with the right attitude. If it takes a sack of food for their bellies, then knowing Jesus would approve, 'give ye them to eat!' But never, never leave anyone destitute for the powerful food, the words of Jesus! The Word that fills the soul with the unbounded joy. He said, "Bring them hither to me" (Matthew 14:18). It may only take one sack of food!

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