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Vol. 1, No. 1 Page 18 January 1999

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Truth for the World
Mission Forum


This is the theme for the eighth annual TRUTH FOR THE WORLD Mission Forum, which will be held August 13-15, 1999. Once again, this forum will be conducted at the Olive Branch church of Christ, 9100 East Sandidge Road in Olive Branch, Mississippi. (Olive Branch is just outside Memphis, Tennessee). Speakers this year include: Perry B. Cotham, Johnny Robertson, Rod Rutherford, Jon Macon, John Grubb, Cy Stafford, Kevin Ruiz, Jimmie B. Hill, Earl Edwards, Paul Meacham, Jr., Keith Cozort, and Phillip Gray. Countries discussed this year will include: Micronesia, India, China, Tanzania, Italy, and Latin America. There will also be mission reports by various missionaries on Friday and Saturday night.

In addition, Kevin Ruiz will present a lesson entitled "Youth In The Mission Field" for the young people while Jimmie B. Hill will host a session for those involved in or those who want to be involved in our Bible Correspondence Course program. (We now have more than 105,000 people who have enrolled in one of our courses.) Earl Edwards will deliver his lesson at our annual dinner.

We will continue to send out regular updates for this year's forum. If you have any questions, you may contact TRUTH FOR THE WORLD, P.O. Box 751135, Memphis, TN 38175-1135, or contact us by e-mail: >[email protected] or [email protected] We are looking forward to seeing you at this year's forum.

NOTE: The POWER LECTURES will be conducted August 8-12, 1999. This is conducted at the Southaven church, just about ten miles from Olive Branch. Hopefully, you can come early for the Power Lectures, then stay for the Mission Forum. See you in August.

John M. Grubb
625 W. Orchard Lane
Greened, IN 46142-3029
(317) 882-3736
FAX: (317) 882-0640

For Chinese Materials contact me:
[email protected]

Please check out our website: https://www.tftw.org
WVBS https://www.bible-infonet.org/wvbs/

TFTW STATS: (12-15-98) TEACHING PAPER 22,000
39,508+; KNOWN BAPTISMS - 2,206
TRACTS - 2,642,957+; BCC STUDENTS -
105,848+; TEACHING BOOKS: 9,493+
BIBLES - 10,370+; SONGBOOKS - 5,425+

Upcoming Events

Jan. 10-13, 1999: Fort Worth Lectures, "Questions of Eternal Consequence," Bedford, TX.  Call (817) 282-6526.

Jan. 14-16, 1999: Donahue-Fox Debate on the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Sapulpa, OK.  Call (918) 224-2024.

Jan. 18-21, 1999: Florida School of Preaching Lectureship, "What Does It Mean To Be A Christian Like Paul?"  Lakeland, FL.  Call (800) 320-9780.  E-mail: [email protected].  Webpage: chdi.com/fsop.

Feb. 7-12, 1999: Freed Hardeman University Lectureship, "Hearing Wisdom's Voice--Proverbs at the Millennium,"  Henderson, TN.  Call (901) 989-6653.

Mar. 7-10, 1999: East Tennessee School of Preaching Lectureship, "Practical Christianity,"  Knoxville, TN.  Call (423) 691-7444.

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