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Vol. 1, No. 12 Page 18 December 1999

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January 17-20, 2000: 25th Annual Florida School of Preaching Lectureship in Lakeland, FL.  The theme is "Do You Understand Preaching?"  For more information contact Jackie M. Stearsman or call 1-800-320-9780.  Visit the website at https://fsop.net.

April 9-12, 2000: 19th Annual Southwest Bible Lectureship in Austin, TX hosted by the Southwest church of Christ. The theme is "The Hub of the Bible - Remaining True to Acts 2". For more information contact Joseph D. Meador.

April 23-26, 2000: 8th annual Southeastern Pennsylvania Bible Lectureship in Pottstown, PA, hosted by the Coventry Hills church of Christ.  The theme will be "Be Ye Holy As I Am Holy, Christian Living In The New Millenium."  William Woodson and Tom Holland will be among the speakers. Call Emmitt Channell at 1-610-326-4028 for more information.

September 17-20, 2000:  The first West Virginia Christian Lectureship will be hosted by the Mannington (WV) church of Christ.  Look for more details to be forthcoming.


Northropís To Move To Kiev, Ukraine: In September of the year 2000, Lord willing, brother Chuck Northrop and his wife, Jody, will be moving to Kiev, Ukraine.  Chuck will assume the position of director of the Kiev Bible School, a preacher training school. Brother Roger Campbell returned to the United States in June after serving as director for nearly six years.  Chuck and Jody have committed to a three to five year involvement with the work in Kiev under the oversight of the elders at the Duluth church of Christ in Duluth, Georgia.

For several years, Chuck has been involved with the school as an instructor and has come to greatly appreciate the work being done by the school in Kiev and the great potential that still remians.  In the letter which Brother Northrop sent out announcing his plans, he noted that "on any given Lordís day," there are at least a half dozen places where graduates and students of the school are preaching and/or teaching."  Brother Northrop has set three basic goals for the work:

· Establish a more rigid curriculum for the school.
· Ultimately turn the school over to the Ukrainian brethren.
· Have more of the graduates to assume teaching duties in the school.

Brother and sister Northropís delay in moving to Ukraine is due to a commitment to their family.  The Northropís youngest daughter, Lisa, is in her senior year at high school, and the Northropís are committed to seeing her settled at college before they leave the states.

At present, brother Northrop is attending Russian language classes at Oklahoma State University Ė studies that will continue when he moves to Ukraine so that he will be able to communicate beyond the use of a translator.

Brethren, in order to accomplish the things that have been set before him, brother Northrop needs our help.  He, of course, solicits our prayers for his safety, for his family, and for his labors.  In addition, he will need financial assistance.  If you know of congregations that are willing to be in fellowship with the Northrop family "as concerning giving and receiving" (Phil. 4:15), please have them contact brother Northrop by phone at (918) 358-5922, or in writing at RR 4, Box 4412, Cleveland, OK 74020 or email: NorthropC@aol.com

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