This biographical sketch is no longer
being updated and may be outdated.

Jay & Janet Launius

On a cold and rainy winter night in 1989, a young man decided to obey what he knew to be the truth and was baptized into Christ. From that point on Jay Launius (pronounced "lon-yus") made living for the Lord a way of life.
Born in Dallas, Texas and raised in a rural area of southwest Arkansas, Jay grew up and settled in the Texarkana, Texas area. In 1980 he married Janet McCloskey and began a somewhat normal life living and working as a machinist in East Texas.

"I've always been able to draw or doodle," Jay says, "I guess it's one of those things that the Lord just blesses folks with." Having no formal training, it's been hard for Jay to find avenues to use his artwork, especially when it came to using his talent for the cause of Christ. "When you think of doing Christian work, drawing cartoons doesn't seem to fit," he says. But while Janet was working as church secretary, Jay was called on to produce Sunday school literature for young children. "I really enjoyed illustrating the Bible stories and putting the lessons together."

Because of his interest in computers and after a few night classes at the local community college, Jay began to mix his artistic work with electronic media. After discovering the Internet he created the "Free Bible Toons" web site in which he offers his Bible character cartoons for free. The web site has been somewhat successful, getting over 20,000 visits from around the world in the last 9 months.

Jay and Janet are always busy in the work of the church. Over the last 8 years Jay has taught adult and young adult Bible classes each week, been responsible for an audio tape ministry, worked with a local youth camp and maintained a web site for the church in Redwater, Texas. As well as teaching, Jay enjoys writing short articles for newsletters and bulletins. "I always try to encourage folks to use their talents, no matter how great or small, for the work of the Lord. Paul explained it pretty well in the 12th chapter of 1 Corinthians. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the brain or the little toe, you have an important function in the body of Christ!"

Jay and Janet recently moved to Mississippi where Jay works for the USDA. They worship and work with a small congregation of God’s people in Leland, Mississippi.