This biographical sketch is no longer
being updated and may be outdated.

Hugo McCord,

is a retired Bible professor at Oklahoma Christian College and is now, in his words, "an 89 [as of this writing 12/31/2000] year old tottering 'has been,' practically house-bound, but he still enjoys trying to write articles about the only book that came from heaven. He is pleased that brother Louis Rushmore, an instructor at the West Virginia School of Preaching, and the editor of the Gospel Gazette Online, will use my article on 'Idle Words.'" Over the course of time, several of brother McCord's articles will appear in the pages of GGO. Hugo McCord has been a prolific writer and as such has provided as treasure trove of good material to help others more perfectly understand God's Word. He may be contacted at 11625 SW Vacuna Court, Portland, OR 97219-8903.