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Student Information

Student Load

All students are required to live in Moundsville, or close enough to commute daily, and are required to take a full load of six courses, two of which meet three hours a week, and four of which meet six hours a week in each division. Those students entering school at the same time cover the same material and graduate together.

Grading System

The quality of work done by each student is expressed in the following table:
90-100 A-Excellent 4 Quality points per term
80-89 B-Above Average 3 Quality points per term
70-79 C-Average 2 Quality points per term
60-69 D-Low Passing 1 Quality point per term
0-59 F-Failure 0 Quality points per term
I-Incomplete 0 Quality points per term

A student who has an incomplete must make it up within one week of the next term. An "F" or an "I" may be removed by repeating the course, or fulfilling special work requirements as may be imposed by the instructor and approved by the director. All students will be counseled when such seems necessary.

Policy For Writing Papers

It has been discussed and decided, with the approval of the Elders of the Hillview church, that in the future we will teach all students, through our grammar classes, to use the MLA (Modern Language Association) style for the preparation and documentation of all papers and reports required in various classes in the school. This style is outlined in the grammar book being used in the school, which is Hodges' Harbrace College Handbook, 12th edition. The style for writing research compositions is outlined between pages 419 and 472 of the current text. The teacher requiring the papers will notice that this system requires all footnotes, or endnotes be put in the text in parentheses, and not listed at the foot of the page, or the end of the paper unless there is some further explanation to be made by the writer. This saves a note number system. Regarding necessary footnotes or endnotes, which are to contain only further statements or evidence upon the subject, these are to be done at the teacher's discretion. This system is being inaugurated in the school to keep from confusing our students with a half dozen different styles that the various teachers have learned in a half dozen different places over the years. One may find a copy of this text in the library and is asked to consult it if he is unfamiliar with the format.  

Scholastic Probation

Graduating students are required to achieve a 2.0 grade-point-average (GPA) based on hours attempted.
Hours Attempted
GPA Required
57 and above

Any student failing to achieve the minimum satisfactory GPA is placed on probation for one quarter. At the end of the probationary period any student failing to achieve the minimum GPA for hours attempted will be terminated. Any student so terminated will not be allowed to apply for readmission for at least one quarter. His readmission is subject to approval of the director and faculty. No student can graduate from West Virginia School of Preaching with an "F" on his record. Any failure must be removed by repeating the course, or by completing a satisfactory project. Permanent records shall be kept by the school.

Progress Reports

In addition to papers returned, a grade report card will be given to each student at the end of each quarter. Upon request, progress reports will be given to those who provide support directly to the student.

Rules of Conduct

  1. All students are expected to assume proper responsibility as citizens. Any who are convicted of any law violation will be subject to discipline by the school.
  2. Everyone is expected to deal honestly and uprightly with fellow students. Each student must deal likewise with those churches and individuals who give him financial support.
  3. Any words or acts unbecoming to Christians will not be tolerated. At all times the student must conduct himself with proper decorum, and display a proper attitude in all matters pertaining to his school work.
  4. Students in this school are not permitted to use tobacco, alcohol or drugs (unless prescribed by doctor) in any form, and any who are found doing so will be immediately dismissed.
  5. Though a specific offense may not be committed, at any time a studentís attitude and demeanor are not in harmony with the spirit and purpose of the school, he may be asked to withdraw. This will not be subject to review by any other person or group outside West Virginia School of Preaching and the elders of the Hillview Terrace Church of Christ.
  6. Business deals of any kind relative to borrowing and lending, involving sizable amounts, between and among students should be avoided both by those who would borrow or who would lend.
  7. Any student making purchases in sizable amounts such as new or nearly new cars, or involving such financial obligations as may be judged as overly burdensome, credit wise, should clear such with (1) his sponsors, (2) the school director, (3) and/or elders. Any student receiving support from the school fund is subject to losing said support when such purchases are made, unless good evidence can show that such is justified.
  8. School office computers, files, etc. are off limits to all students.
  9. No cell phones are to be in operation during class time. Incoming calls for a student will be received at the office of the secretary for any student on an emergency basis only. Classes will not be interrupted for phone calls.
  10. Students will be expected to address faculty and staff members as brother or sister preceding the first or last name of the person addressed.
  11. Additional regulations may be presented on the day of registration and afterward as needed.
  12. A discipline committee consisting of the director, two faculty and elders will deal with problems.

Tuition and Fees

There shall be no charge for tuition or fees. All the costs of administration and instruction are to be borne by the Hillview Terrace Church of Christ. The student is expected to provide only for living expenses, books and materials.

Refund Policy

Since there is no expense involved for tuition or fees, or other charges by the school, as pertaining to any student, including veterans and other such eligible persons, a refund policy is not applicable or necessary.


Each full-time student must attend classes a total of thirty hours a week on a regular schedule. During the regular school year there will be four such ten-week sessions, or a total of forty weeks each year, eighty weeks in two years.

On a "clock-hour" basis, during two years of intensive study each student will have spent a minimum of 2600 hours required for graduation, including class work and chapel.

Clock Hour Credit

Classes meet six hours a day, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., five days a week, making a total of thirty hours net instruction; chapel adds 2 1/2 hours per week.

Previous Credit

Evaluations will be made on an individual basis. An assessment test may be required.

Requirements for Graduation

  1. The student must have demonstrated proper Christian character.
  2. Each student must complete satisfactorily all the prescribed courses. There are no electives in the regular curriculum.
  3. An over-all average of 2.0 (C) must be maintained.
  4. Any student having an "F" or "I" on his record must remove such before graduation. There will be a week grace period after each quarter. All work is to be turned in to the office by Friday following the end of the quarter. After this one week grace period ends the drop of a letter grade per day begins. DONíT GET BEHIND!
  5. Students are encouraged to consult with teachers as to late work or assignments missed due to absence, etc.

School Sessions

Each school year is divided into four terms of eleven weeks each. No regular class schedule is met during the eleventh week.

School Attendance

Chapel, a period of devotion, is held each morning, 8:30 Ė9:00, before classes. Every student is required to attend. This service will be composed of songs, Scripture readings, prayers and messages by students, faculty and visiting speakers, making chapel one of the most profitable periods of the day.

Tardiness and absence from chapel and class sessions, unless there is legitimate reason, will be reflected in the studentís conduct and credit record. Three times tardy equals one unexcused absence. Each unexcused absence will be penalized by loss of five percent of grade average.

Attendance at Worship

Every student is required to attend all regular services of the church. This includes Sunday Bible classes, morning and evening worship, and the mid-week service.

All students and their families are expected to attend classes and services at Hillview Terrace Church of Christ. Exceptions are:

Preaching Opportunities

Preaching opportunities are available at area congregations. However, we cannot guarantee appointments. Most of the second-year students and some of the first-year students usually preach on Sundays by appointment. Opportunities are dependent on the needs of area congregations, but usually there are several opportunities weekly.

Opportunities for Graduates

The school does not act as a placement bureau. More and more churches are looking for preachers who are schooled in the Scriptures and have received the kind of training given here. Although inquiries will be received for located work, students must make their own arrangements with churches.


If possible, students should arrange for some kind of insurance in the event of illness or other emergencies. Perhaps supporting churches will consider this. The school cannot assume financial responsibility for any student.


A closeness exists among students which is heartwarming to observe. Often they contribute to the needs of one another. The spiritual atmosphere is greatly appreciated by all who attend or visit with us. Singing and praying together strengthens everyone.

The daily associations are most enjoyable. A banquet is planned for those graduating, with all students and wives attending. Truly, the ties that bind are strong.

Dress and Cleanliness

  1. For attending classes, dress pants, dress shirt and tie are expected. No pull over shirts are acceptable. Jeans and other such trousers are forbidden.
  2. Shoes are to be kept shined. No tennis shoes are permitted.
  3. All students are requested to dress fully ó coat and tie ó for regular services at meeting hours, Lordís days, Wednesday nights and at other times when regular services are held, and when speaking in chapel. Coat and tie are expected to be worn by our students when visiting and preaching at other congregations.
  4. Long hair, and long, thick and shaggy sideburns are not permitted. Sideburns are not to extend below the lobe of the ear. Mustaches and beards are discouraged, though permitted subject to the following: They must not extend beyond the corners of mouth, and they must be kept thin and neatly trimmed at all times. Sideburns, mustaches and beards are subject to the judgment of the faculty and the administration.
  5. No earrings are permitted on male students.
  6. Personal hygiene and cleanliness must be maintained at all times.

Use of Library

  1. The librarian will assist students in locating and checking out books.
  2. Students will follow library procedure for checking out and returning books.
  3. Books being used in the building only need not be checked out but must be returned to the library when students are finished using them.
  4. Books may be checked out for one week and may be renewed unless there is a waiting list for the book(s).
  5. Except in cases of a special research, books will not be checked out for extended periods to keep the books accessible for the use of all students.
  6. Faculty members may place certain books on reserve, which means they can be checked out only in accordance with their instructions (for example, they may limit use of books to one hour per student).
  7. Periodicals and audiotapes are available. Please indicate "Periodical" or "Tape" when signing out these materials.
  8. Students are advised to make good use of their time, not only in class, but in periods of study following classes.

Students' Wives

Studentsí wives are encouraged to attend classes as provided especially for them. These classes equip wives to assist their husbands in the ministry.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Moundsville and the surrounding area is moderate compared to most urban areas. Of course, expenses vary between families and depending upon oneís selection of a residence. Also, debt attained before enrollment at WVSOP will obviously affect the amount of funds needed for monthly support. One student family rented a three-bedroom house with a basement for $350 a month. Single students are renting one-bedroom apartments for $250 to $275 a month. Student utilities (i.e., electric, gas, water, garbage and phone) average $185 a month. The price of groceries is a significant variable that is affected by preferences, number of people in the family and the age of children. Clothing stores in the area include national chain retail and discount stores. Medical costs are high as they are everywhere in the country, yet they are slightly less than in adjoining states. Gasoline prices are competitive. Expect also to spend about $80.00 to $100.00 per quarter for textbooks.

Student's Agreement

All students by their attendance at West Virginia School of Preaching are in agreement with these school policies.
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