The Rhododendron -- State Flower

West Virginia's Rhododendron is an evergreen and rose colored shrub. The plant can be short or tower 30 feet. The lower is about one and one half inches across, slightly smaller than the coast variety. The flowers are born in terminal clusters or groups at the end of a branch. They form a handsome frame for the delicate rosey purple or pink flowers which have five irregular waxen petals. This delicate flower is a genus of ornamental shrubs and trees of the heath family.

The Rhododendron is an odorless, funnel-shaped or bell shaped evergreen flower. The leaves of this beautiful flower are poisoness. The original name of the Rhododendron is the Japanese Azalia. The flower originated in the cooler parts of the Northern Hemisphere, especially the Himalayas. The plant also grows wild in many parts of the world. The flower grows as far North as Nova Scotia but is most abundant in the Appalachians and down into Georgia and Alabama. The Rhododendron is a beautiful state flower.

...Krista, Jamie, and Gina: 8th grade, MJHS 

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