The Brook Trout -- State Fish

West Virginia's State Fish is the Brook Trout. The most widely distributed species in North America is the common brook trout, or speckled trout. The brook trout is a beautiful fish distinguised by red spots with blue aureoles on the sides, dark wavy lines on the back and dorsal fins, pink redish lower fins edged with white on the leading edge. The average weight of the brook trout is 1kg. (about 2 pounds). The trout are found as far South as the Alleghenies in Georgia. The scientific classification of the brook trout is Salvelinus Frontinalis. The spawning season for the brook trout begins in September and lasts until December, when the female uses her tail to scrape out a hole in the gravel where she deposits her eggs. The male afterwards drops milt upon them. Only about 5% of the eggs become fertilized in natural state, the rest are generally washed out and devoured by other fish, however as many as 90% can be hatched by artificial means.

...Evan, Misty, and Jade: 8th Grade, MJHS 

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