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Vol. 15 No. 2 February 2013
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Within the Body of Christ

Tim ChildsAll members are joined together in one body by the Spirit.

All members submit to the Headship of Christ and yield their personal preferences to His will.

All members are given opportunities for unique interpersonal relationships with one another.

All members share a common bond that is most uncommon.

All members are daily developing even more into the image of Christ.

All members supply what is needed to every other member without demanding something in return.

All members care equally about the welfare of all other members.

All members recognize their need for each other.

All members participate toward the designed function of the body.

All members cooperate with each other to get a task completed.

All members of the body are willing to make personal sacrifices to advance the mission of the body.

All members suffer and rejoice with those who suffer or rejoice.

All members contribute toward the growth and edification of the body.

A Word Between Friends


Robert D. Rawson

Robert D. RawsonThere are so many acts of violence. Why? There is an answer in the pages of Proverbs at chapter 13, verse 10: “Only by pride cometh contention.” This truism claims pride as a chief element in fighting, contention and violence. Whenever individuals have pride wrapped up in the heart, there is going to be resistance to anyone who interferes.

What replaces unhealthy pride? Some pride – self-appreciation – gets us to take baths and brush our teeth. The unhealthy excess of pride causes one to be so possessive and controlling of others that violence may erupt. Jesus’s Golden Rule should replace excessive pride. Do only to others what you wish them to do to you (Matthew 7:12).

Hurting others will come to an end; shouting and kicking others will cease; striking and challenging others will not be chosen when we ‘do as we would have them do’ to us. Report violence to authorities, police, sheriff and parents so they can act within the law to protect you from the violence of others.

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