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Gospel Gazette Online
Vol.  10  No. 11 November 2008  Page 12                    powered by FreeFind

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A Sower Went Forth to Sow

By Adam Blaney

Adam Blaney“A sower went out to sow his seed. And as he sowed, some fell by the wayside…some fell on rock…some fell among thorns…but others fell on good ground” (Luke 8:5-8). In Luke Chapter 8, Jesus told one of the most well-known parables in the Bible, The Parable of the Soils. He spoke of the soil by the wayside, the rocky soil, the thorny soil and finally the good soil, each representing the way that a heart receives the Word of God, which is “the seed” (8:11). Often times, we use this parable to describe the work of preaching. We may say, “We’ve been sowing the seed, but we haven’t found very many good soils.” Or, “It is hard to find good soil in this world.” We say things like this from the perspective of the one who supposedly is the good soil. How about if we turn it around? How many times have we asked ourselves, “What kind of soil am I?” Let us take a moment and reflect upon our own personal condition and spirituality.

So, how about it? What kind of soil are you? Make sure to be honest with yourself! Are you the wayside soil? Has the devil stolen the good Word from your life? Do you have any thoughts or intentions of faithfulness? Do you think spiritually any other day than Sunday? Are you the rocky soil that never really allows the Word to implant itself in your life? Have you allowed the Faith to truly root itself and take hold in your heart? Does the Truth of God grow and flourish, or does it wilt in your spirit? Are you the thorny soil? Do other things stand between you and your faithfulness? Are personal pleasures and material things more important than right relations with God? When other things come up on Sundays or Wednesdays, which takes precedence: Worship or those other things? Or, are you truly the good soil? Has the Word of God truly taken hold in your life, and now grows beautifully, bearing much fruit for the Savior? Does it continually mold and shape your character and thinking? Only we can answers these questions about our lives! We know the answers! Now, will we be honest enough to admit them?

So, what kind of soil are we? Are we really the good soil? If we aren’t bearing the fruit that God desires, then we are not the good soil. It is that simple! So if we aren’t good soil, which soil are we? We know what we should be, but which one rightly and truly describes my heart and my life? If we are one of the other soils, obviously we are not in a good situation. What will we do to make sure that changes happen? What will we do to fertilize our soil, and make it perfect for beautiful budding fruit? The seed is planted each time we read God’s Word. How will it grow?

A Word Between Friends    Tim Childs

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