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Vol.  10  No. 7 July 2008  Page 5
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Wisdom's Corner (Youth Page) By Mark McWhorter

Mark McWhorter

Beatitude Bookends

    In Matthew 5-7, we are given the record of a sermon that Jesus gave on a mountain. He began the sermon with what are known as the Beatitudes. These are recorded in verses three through 10. These give characteristics of the person who follows Christ.

    What is interesting is that those who fulfill these traits are said to be in ‘the kingdom of heaven.’ This statement is made in verses three and verse ten. This is why they are sometimes said to be bookends. Just like books between bookends are inside the bookends, the person who has the beatitudes is within the kingdom of heaven.

    The followers of Jesus will be humble, verse three. They will be sorrowful for their sins, but will do what is necessary to have them taken away, verse four. They will be meek, verse five. This word in the Greek was used for the wild horse that was domesticated. The energy of the horse was harnessed toward proper work. The meek individual is not a pushover, wimpish person. The meek person is strong spiritually and uses his energy to glorify God.

   The followers of Jesus constantly desire to feed and drink from the Word of God, verse six. Further, they are always able to find enough to be filled each time they eat. These people will be kind, compassionate and merciful, verse seven. They do not hold grudges and try to ‘get back’ at others. These people keep their hearts pure, verse eight. They keep themselves from sinful situations that would tempt them to commit evil. They constantly pray to God for forgiveness of their sins.

    The followers of Jesus strive for peace, verse nine. They make peace between themselves and God. They do this by obeying God. They strive for peace between themselves and other men, whether the others are Christians or non-Christians. They never compromise God’s commandments to make such peace. The followers of Jesus are courageous, verse ten. They do not waver in their faith when they are persecuted for following Jesus. They obey him no matter what other men may do to them.

    Are you within the Beatitude Bookends? Are you studying your Bible so that you will know how to be within the bookends? Strive to obey Jesus. If any of this is hard to understand, ask an adult to help you.

Book of Remembrance

    Those that fear the Lord speak often with one another. (See Malachi 3:16.) God-fearers want to help and encourage one another. They also want to spend time together worshipping God. They desire to meditate on His name and His will.

    Read again the verse. “Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name.”

    Those that truly love God and obey him, have their names written in a book. This is not a literal book. This is symbolism that we can understand. What it is really saying is that God remembers those that obey him, and he remembers their deeds. God will reward those who obey him.

    There are other references to books of remembrance. Some of them are Exodus 32:32, Psalm 69:28 and Daniel 12:1. Notice that one’s name can be taken out of the book. In Revelation 20:12, we find that at the Judgment, books will be opened. Out of those books every person will be judged as to what he did while living.

Read the Bible. Study it. Obey God. Have your name written in the good book of remembrance. If any of this is hard to understand, ask an adult to help you.

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