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Vol.  10  No. 2 February 2008  Page 18
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Ernest Underwood

A Moment of Reflection

Teaching Our Children to Murder

By Ernest S. Underwood

    Does this sound like a strange title for an article? After all, doesn’t the Bible prohibit one human from murdering another human? We are not talking about the law of the land exercising capital punishment; we are talking about murder, the kind that is so much in the news now-a-days. High school students go loaded with guns into a school and deliberately murder as many as they can. A woman murders her husband. Out of apparent jealousy a teenager kills his friend and his friend’s parents, and on and on we could go. Why have these horrid and senseless murders increased in the last few years? Many of us are old enough to remember when such incidents were far from common. They were virtually unheard of. Again, why are they occurring in so many places today? I believe I know the answer, an answer that modern society will not accept.

    Do you remember the approximate time when it became the rule that the silly philosophy of evolution began to be taught as scientific fact. Evolutionists are God-haters and God-denying infidels. One of the major tenets of this philosophy is the belief in the “survival of the fittest.” Our children are being taught that they are just a higher product of evolution, just a segment of the “survival of the fittest” existence. Connect this fact with the denial of the existence of God, and one comes to the irresistible conclusion that man is nothing more than an animal subject to animal instincts. Since, according to the evolutionist, there is no God, it follows that there also is no objective standard of morality; thus, one is free to do whatever he desires to do whether it is committing rape, murder or any other heinous act.

    It is this writer’s personal, firm conviction that the guilt of every one of these murders committed by teenagers ultimately can be laid at the feet of the infidel organizations such at the Humanist Organization and the ACLU. These groups are the ones who have taken the lead in the attempt to remove God and His standard from all of public life in this nation. In my opinion, these two groups are guilty of all of these senseless murders.

    Another group that has taught that murder is an acceptable way of eliminating that human that one does not want is the abortionist. Regardless of what the Supreme Court decided, that arrogant and despicable group who voted in favor of abortion, their criminal act did not in any way change God’s unchanging law. Abortion is nothing short of first-degree, premeditated murder. Every doctor who has performed an abortion and every woman who has deliberately had her unborn child put to death are guilty of taking an innocent and helpless life. When our children whose mothers chose not to abort see the law of the land sanctioning the murder, it sets the example and gives the teaching that if one can kill a baby, then one can also kill another who is older.

    There is yet one more group that I believe bears some of the guilt of these murders. What about someone, because he believes it will benefit him financially or materially to do so, votes for those who defend and promote the teaching of evolution in our schools, and who defend and clamor for the so-called right of choice to murder an unborn baby? Is not that person to be held responsible for deliberately supporting by his or her vote these ungodly and sinful acts of murder and immorality? The law of the land will praise them for their “broad-mindedness,” but the God of heaven has firmly stated that those who either commit these acts, or those who support them in committing these acts, “shall not inherit the kingdom of God,” and “shall have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone.”

    By your actions, by what you promote and support, and by what you teach and uphold, what are you teaching today’s children?

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