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Vol.  9  No. 5 May 2007  Page 18
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D. Gene WestCharacteristics of God

By D. Gene West

    In our column today we wish to briefly look at some of the traits that make up the nature of God with which we will in part answer the question, “What kind of God is the One whom we affirm exists?”

    We wish to point out that he is the God of the Bible. If one were to desire to know all the traits that God has revealed concerning himself, he must go to the Bible and study those things. When one does so, he will find that a study of each of the characteristics contributes something to his total knowledge of Yahweh. To express this same truth in another way, one may say a study of all the Bible reveals about God forms a picture that will fit the only true and living God of our universe.

    The first trait we wish to review is his power. Our God is all powerful; he is omnipotent! The argument for the existence of God based on the creation of our universe proves not only that God exists, but that he is all powerful. Only a God of incredible power could create and sustain the whole universe, as well as those that scientists claim exist beyond ours. His power and energy would have to be greater than all the energy that exists, or that is available in the whole of creation, for he not only caused all things to come into existence but he sustains them by the word of his power. Not only does he sustain all that he created, but he sustains his own existence at the same time. That is power that cannot even be imagined.

    In pointing out the second trait of God that we will mention in this article, we point out that a God who has such power as that just described must also be intelligent. Even Carl Sagan freely admits that the design of the universe is far beyond anything man could devise. God knows all things—things we cannot even begin to understand. When we look upon the universe in which we live and learn from it as much as we can know, we must admit that our knowledge is so scant that we cannot possibly know everything. Yet, God knows everything! His knowledge is unsearchable. For example, God knows all there is to know about the human mind and the function of the brain because he made both. We know very little about either of these entities and do not yet understand the relationship between the mind, which we cannot see, and the brain, which we cannot comprehend.

    The third trait of God we wish to emphasize is that he is moral. The existence of moral law in the mind of man demands a moral Lawgiver. God is by nature moral! He is neither beyond morality, as some world leaders seem to believe they are, nor is he beneath morality like animals and inanimate things. This means that God always knows the difference between right and wrong, and he is incapable of doing wrong. He is not only moral, he is good and stands alone in perfect goodness. We can know that in part from his creation of people, at least some of whom are good and want to be better. The fact the people always expect to be treated better than things shows that they value goodness. Even someone who denies people have any intrinsic value expects others to value his opinions and rights as a person. If there is no God, there is no good reason for “human rights” to exist. Whatever creates good must himself be good, for a Cause cannot give what it does not have. So, God is both moral and good and calls upon his creation to be as he is. If it is right for man to be moral and good, then God is necessary as well as moral and good. All men demand a certain level of morality in others because our Creator is both good and moral.
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