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Vol.  9  No. 5 May 2007  Page 16
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D. Gene WestThe One True God

By D. Gene West

    The world is now and always has been full of “other gods.” Pretonius said of the city of Athens that it was easier to find a god than to find a man. And Zenophon called Athens, one great altar to the gods. The Bible is a very unique book in that it declares there is only one true and living God. Judaism, for hundreds upon hundreds of years claimed that there is only one true God who has revealed himself to mankind, and in that they have been correct. Christianity, likewise, declares to the world there is only one true God, although in recent months in this country, in the name of tolerance, some who claim to be Christians have voted to no longer say that salvation is found in Christ alone. From this and other sources we are learning that once again, in our world of so-called pluralism, men are beginning to deny that there is but one God. That is not surprising, but what is amazing is that there are some who wish to call themselves Christians who agree with that concept. While these people do not consider themselves polytheists (worshiper of more than one God), in reality they are because they recognize other so-called deities as being on a par with Yahweh when it comes to matters religious in nature. For some reason these folk find it “bigoted” to insist there is only one true God in our universe.
    When we turn to the 17th chapter of the Book of Acts, we find the Apostle Paul confronted with a situation not too unlike ours. He found the people of Athens worshiping “ every god under the sun,” and fearing that they might miss one, they erected an altar to “the unknown God.” Paul preached a great sermon on Mar’s Hill in which he declared to the people there the unknown God of whom they were ignorant. Paul declared that the God whom they did not know is the Creator of the world and everything in it. He averred that since God is Lord of heaven and earth, he does not dwell in temples made with human hands nor is he worshiped with the hands of men as if he needed anything; on the contrary it is God who gives to all life, breath and all things. Paul insisted that human beings are the offspring of God as certain of their own poets had claimed. Furthermore, he created man of one blood for the purpose of dwelling on all the face of the earth and has defined their limitations. He also declared that God is not far from any of us, for we live, move and have our being in him.

  Paul also emphasized that since we are the offspring of God, we should not think of him as one of the idols made of gold, silver or stone, that which is shaped by the art of man. We should think of him as being the Divine Nature.

  When Christianity had its beginning in the world, it challenged polytheism to the very core. As the teaching of the Bible went forth regarding the one true and living God, temple after temple that had been erected to first one heathen god and then the other fell into disuse, and finally into dust due to the fact that so many people were being converted to Yahweh as the only true God and to Jesus Christ as the only Savior in the world. Men by the millions came to accept God and the Lord Jesus Christ, and as they did the old gods were forgotten and ignored.

    It seems today, however, that there is an attempt to turn from the recognition of Yahweh as the one living and eternal God to other gods which like those in ancient times are nothing more than the inventions of men. They are deaf, mute and totally impotent. Yet, men turn to them; they pray to them; they offer them gifts and devote their lives to them. Surely, they must know that gods of stone, wood, even when ornately adorned with precious metals, stones and clothing are nothing more than the works of their own hands. As such they have no value in this life or in the one which is to come, for there is only one true, living, eternal and loving God and he is the One revealed in the Bible.
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