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 Vol. 5, No. 5 

May 2003

Priscilla's Page *Editor's Note*

~ Page 16 ~

Our Salvation Is a Divine Accomplishment -- Not
a Human Achievement

By Marilyn LaStrape

Image Salvation is the spiritual deliverance granted to us by God when we respond in obedient faith to the Gospel. It is through Christ alone that this salvation can be obtained. When we became members of the Lord's church, not only were our sins forgiven, but also our relationship to God was restored.

To borrow a statement from one of the preachers in the brotherhood:

None of us are going to accidentally slide into heaven. If we are there, it will be from a lifetime of intention, and planning, and forethought, and devotion, and humility before the living God!

We are not, and never will be good enough in and of ourselves to deserve heaven. The following Scriptures tell us why that is a total impossibility.

So, what is the answer to our sin problem? We have got to have a covering, and that covering is Jesus Christ. Sin is a debt that we owe and we have one of two choices in settling that debt. We can accept the death of Jesus on the cross for payment of our debt through obedient faith, or we can pay for our own sins in hell forever!

How then are we justified before God? The following Scriptures tell us how this justification takes places.

God's standard is perfection -- not almost up to -- and that perfection is a divine accomplishment, not a human achievement. We must allow God to accomplish our righteousness for us through living a life of faithful and thankful obedience.Image

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