This biographical sketch is no longer
being updated and may be outdated.

Elizabeth Robison,

from Moundsville, WV, is a charter member of the Hillview Terrace Church of Christ. She has taught Bible classes for 35 years, worked in Christian youth camps and is a strong supporter of Christian education. She is a retired elementary school teacher, having taught for 36 years. She received her AB degree from West Liberty State College and did graduate work from West Virginia University. She is a widow, having been married for more than 35 years to Jack Robison, an elder of the Hillview Terrace congregation and a faithful Christian until his death in 1993. Her family includes two daughters: Christie of Moundsville, Mrs. Rick (Jennie) Freitag of Glen Dale, WV and a son, Andy (wife Marsha), associate minister for the Camden Avenue congregation in Parkersburg, WV. Darrin, Emily, Hannah and Andrew are her grandchildren. Since her retirement in 1997, sister Robison volunteers as librarian for the West Virginia School of Preaching.