This biographical sketch is no longer
being updated and may be outdated.

Grady Miller,

is a longtime Gospel preacher and family man and distinguished Editor of First Century Christian. This publication is well worth the modest subscription.

First Century Christian is published eight times a year by First Century Christian, Inc., a non-profit organization. This journal is dedicated to the restoration of primitive Christianity through the preaching of the first century Gospel.

Subscription rates are $10.00 per year for individuals or $8.00 per year for each subscriber in a club of five or more. Congregations are encouraged to send First Century Christian to each member for the low cost of $7.50 per family.

Bundles are available for churches and schools for $10.00 per month (25 papers), $20.00 per month (50 papers), and $30.00 per month (100 papers).

Brother Grady Miller may be contacted over the internet at